Vaulted Trapezoid

$4.50 - $8.75 / sq. ft.

CoolSun skylight shades are available for vaulted trapezoid skylights. These are similar to the pyramid type skylights except two sides are elongated.


To calculate prices for custom size skylight shades, enter your A, B and C measurements in inches to the left.

Then select either 80% or 90% solar blocking percentage and calculate the price.


Round your dimensions up to the nearest quarter inch and enter fractions as decimals.
1/4 = .25
1/2 = .50
3/4 = .75

Total Area (sq. ft.)
Product Price


Vaulted Trapezoid skylights can benefit from reduced heat and glare by installing CoolSun skylight screens. Custom sizes are required.

Measure Vaulted Trapezoid Skylights

Measure Length (A) and Width (B) to outside metal edges. Measure (C) and (D) from top of skylight to the top outside edges at the bottom of skylight metal frame. Measure the Vertical Depth or Lip (F) of overhanging metal frame and Length (E) as shown. Always measure to the nearest 1/4 inch.