Frequently Asked Questions

No. The bungee cord is pre-measured according to your skylight measurements and built in to the screen product.

No. Dimensions required for a proper fit must be taken from the outside. The actual frame size is larger than the interior opening and is difficult to approximate from the inside.

The marine grade bungee is very strong and does a superb job keeping the product secure around your skylight. However, during the most extreme conditions, such as tornadoes and hurricanes, we cannot guarantee they will stay on.

Feedback from customers who have experienced these storms have told us their screens remained in place despite damage to other areas of their home. Hurricane type winds can be extreme and we cannot guarantee the SunBlocker product will remain secure under all conditions.

Depending on factors, such as sun angle and daily sun exposure time, the screens should last between five and ten years. Your specific conditions will determine the life of the product.

Yes. The material will block between 80% and 90% of UV rays, depending on the material you select.

Yes. Many factors, such as skylight size, number of skylights and room size, determine the savings you will realize. In many cases, our customers have recovered the cost of the product in energy savings within a single season.

Yes. The sewn in bungee allows for easy removal and can again be easily re-installed when warmer periods return.