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About Green Energy Solutions

Green Energy Solutions began as a business in 1991 as a roofing company. During that time period we discovered that many customers had skylights and asked if there was a solution that could cover them to prevent to prevent intense heat from entering their living space during the heat of the summer.

After thought and research, we developed a solution that would address the issue and CoolSun skylight shades were created. Not only did we find the heat problem was addressed but they also significantly reduced glare, along with such things as carpet and picture fading. They were an instant success as those who purchased them used them with great satisfaction. Over time the word began to spread about our skylight covers and we developed into the company we are today.

While developing the product we chose quality materials that could withstand the harsh outdoor environment and remain secure to the skylight during strong winds.

Our skylight shades are a simple and easy way to dramatically reduce heat and glare at the same time saving you cooling costs.

While other companies offer a similar product, we believe CoolSun skylight shades to be superior because of material quality and the ease of installation. The sewn in bungee allows the cover to be stretched around the skylight frame, similar to a shower cap or fitted bed sheet and requires no tools and minimal effort compared with other similar products.

There is no tying and cutting cord to size, securing snaps or sliding many clips around the material under and around your skylight frame. Some of these methods require more effort and time which increases any danger on a roof, especially roofs that are steep. Also, because of our bungee system, the cover is not only easy to install but also easy to remove during the cooler seasons of the year to utilize solar heating.

Some companies claim they have produced their product for many years when in fact their business focusses on various window treatments and have only recently created their version of a skylight cover. Some have used our website as a template to create their own site and have attempted to use our pictures and copyrighted images without permission. There are a very small number of companies granted the right to use them.

Our product is quality made in the USA and has proven itself over many years and has a three year warranty against materials and workmanship. We are confident that we have a superior product and that you will be very satisfied with the results for many years. 


We welcome any comments and suggestions on our current products. You can contact us at coolsun@verizon.net and we will respond within 24 hours.

Green Energy Solutions
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