Ordering YOUR CoolSun SKYLIGHT Shades

Our skylight covers come in standard and custom sizes. Standard sizes fit only selected sizes in the rectangular dome or square dome shapes (see below). If you have a dome type skylight different from the table below, you will require a custom size.

To order:

1. Determine your skylight type - flat or domed lens or other skylight type.

2. Determine your skylight size.

3. Select the color of your skylight shade.

4. Choose the solar blocking percentage: 80% or 90%.

5. Enter the quantity of each cover.

Then checkout!

Go to either the standard or custom sections below to order.

Standard Size CoolSun Skylight Shades

The following table is only for selected standard rectangular and square dome type skylights. All flat and other skylight shapes require custom sizes.

Standard Skylight Measurement Guidlines

Use this table to ensure that our standard size skylight shades will fit your domed skylight.

Size Size Range of Your Skylight
(over the dome in inches)
Lip Dimension
In Ft. A B C 80% 90%
2 X 2 28" to 31" 28" to 31" 1½" to 2½" $38.25 $42.25
2 X 4 53" to 56" 30" to 33" 1½" to 2½" $58.75 $64.50
3 X 3 41½" to 43½" 41½" to 43½" 1½" to 2½" $61.25 $67.75
4 X 4 53" to 55" 53" to 55" 1½" to 2½" $85.25 $94.00
Standard Size CoolSun Skylight Shades


Standard size skylight shades are for selected dome shaped skylights only.

Flat glass and all other skylights require a custom size

Color Choices


Dark Brown


Light Grey



Click the image below for measuring instructions:

Rectangular Dome

Square Dome

Custom Size CoolSun Skylight Shades

Examples of custom shaped skylight covers:

Rectangular Dome

Square Dome

Flat Glass

Multiple Dome

Barrel Vaulted

Continuous Ridge

Cluster Dome

Vaulted Trapezoid

Barrel Vault Flat

Round Dome


Follow the instructions below to calculate the price of your custom skylight cover and complete the ordering process.

Order Custom CoolSun Skylight Shades


To calculate prices for custom size skylight shades, enter your A, B and C measurements in inches to the left.

Then select either 80% or 90% solar blocking percentage and calculate the price.


Round your dimensions up to the nearest quarter inch and enter fractions as decimals.
1/4 = .25
1/2 = .50
3/4 = .75

To get a larger view of your skylight type and required measurements, select your skylight type from the drop down box labeled "Skylight Type" and click on the image.

Step 1 - Choose your skylight type:

Step 2 - Enter the skylights measurements:

Step 3 - Select either 80% or 90% solar blocking percentage and calculate the price:

Color Choices


Dark Brown


Light Grey



Step 4 - Select the desired Color and Quantity: